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Plan Ahead

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tax-focused strategies

Your Team Hewins advisor can help you manage all of your finances to help you reach your goals.

Finding opportunities for reducing the amount of taxes you pay is key to your financial wellbeing. We can identify planning strategies to help minimize your taxes. Your advisor can help you with:

  • Distribution planning in retirement
  • Choosing investments that are tax-efficient
  • Structuring your charitable gifting strategy to optimize deductions
  • Guidance on other tax savings strategies related to education funding, retirement plans and health savings accounts
  • Staying on top of regulations and tax laws that impact your financial plan

teaming with your CPA

Your Team Hewins advisor can work with your CPA to help ensure that your overall financial plan fits well with your tax situation. And we’ll refer you to a CPA if you don’t have one. We’ll work with your CPA to:
Review planning strategies to ensure that we’re aligned

Save you time by sending tax documents to your CPA directly

Help make estimated tax payments more accurate by providing investment income information throughout the year

Review your tax returns to identify planning opportunities

Look ahead to strategically reduce your tax liability

the Team Hewins approach to tax planning

While your CPA works with you to help reduce your liability on your tax returns, we provide you with a bigger picture. Together we’ll consider the interaction of your financial plan with your tax situation so that adjustments can be made now and in the future.
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Here are some important areas where we can help with tax planning:
  • Ensure that your investment strategy fits well with your overall financial plan
  • Provide tax managed strategies–portfolios geared towards minimizing taxes (specifically non-retirement)
  • Strategies to reduce concentrated positions with taxes in mind
  • Our long-term investment strategy means that we avoid realizing short-term gains which would increase your tax burden
Charitable Gifts
  • We’ll help you determine the most tax-efficient ways to donate
  • Propose strategies to maximize deductions
  • Advise on the respective benefits of donor advised funds (DAFs), gifting appreciated securities, and qualified charitable distributions (QCDs)
Education Planning
  • Advise on strategies to save for your child’s education
  • Determine how much to save and in what structure so you can avoid costly penalties
  • Tax efficient savings plans for college and private school including 529 plan accounts that grow tax free if used for qualifying expenses
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Retirement Planning
  • We help you consider which type of retirement account makes the most sense for your situation
  • Most tax efficient ways to save and withdraw funds
  • Help maximize your annual contributions (and lower taxable income)
Estate Planning
  • Recommend gifting strategies during your lifetime to help reduce your taxable estate
  • Review beneficiaries to ensure your estate is tax-efficient
  • Provide advice on the ever-changing lifetime estate and gift tax exemption

see the big picture with clarity

Tax planning is just one piece of your financial picture. Knowing what’s ahead and planning for it are essential to successful financial planning.

Our proprietary Smart Life Planning process provides you with a personalized, long-term view of your financial needs. We’ll help you clarify your goals and learn what level of risk you’re comfortable with. Once we get to know you, we’ll guide you toward a comprehensive investment plan that’s tailored precisely to you.

don’t wait

Tax planning isn’t just for tax time

Planning effective ways to manage your finances and minimize tax liability is always important. Why wait until your taxes are due? Start planning now.

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