Women in Transition

As a woman, you have financial needs that are unique to your situation in life. At Team Hewins we are dedicated to providing information and unbiased financial advice to our clients, giving them the peace of mind and confidence, they have the information they need to move forward with their decisions. Our advice is based upon our clients achieving the best results possible. We work with our clients and their other professionals such as family law attorneys, divorce mediators, and accountants, to ensure they are on solid footing as they enter the next phase of their life.

Divorce and Separation Support:

Leave confusion and financial hardship behind; experience comfort and confidence. Through every stage of the divorce process, no matter if you are planning on filing or are at the end, we’ll work with you and your other trust professionals to protect your interests and empower you to take control over your financial future.

Loss of a Partner Support:

It’s almost impossible to be emotionally prepared for the death of a spouse. For couples who have taken the time to talk about contingencies after the death of one partner, the financial transition may be a little easier than for those who have not dealt with any of the practicalities surrounding the death of a spouse. Even when financial matters have been tended to, a broken heart may still hamper one’s ability to deal with financial decisions.

There are very few decisions that must occur immediately following the death of your spouse. We will help lift that burden off of you and guide you through the process and coordinate with your other professionals to ensure your financial matters are taken care of.

Executive Leadership Support:

Corporate compensation packages are complex. As women climb the corporate ladder, their sources of income may grow beyond salary and benefits. Saving in a 401(k) may not provide for their retirement lifestyle on its own. Many corporations offer a set of executive benefits, such as restricted stock, stock options, deferred compensation, and equity plans to supplement the traditional 401(k) retirement plans. Sorting through these options can be daunting. They are complex to understand and have different tax implications. Our experienced advisors can explain how the benefit works and the pros cons of each. We will then create your custom financial plan and work with your other professionals such as CPAs and attorneys to ensure your financial plan is implemented correctly.

Our services include advice during these life changes:

  • Providing Assistance to a Family Member
  • Business Planning
  • Buying or Selling a Home
  • College Planning
  • Charitable Planning & Philanthropy
  • Divorce or Legal Separation
  • Long-term Health Concerns
  • Expecting or Adopting a Child
  • Inherited Wealth or Investment Gain
  • Loss of a Loved One or Partner
  • Marriage
  • Retirement
  • Single Parenthood

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