Team Hewins Rebrands to Reflect a Personalized Approach to Financial Wellbeing

by | May 12, 2021 | Smart Financial Tips

Fee-only financial advisory firm Team Hewins has updated its brand to better reflect a proactive, personalized approach to financial wellbeing. The firm has refreshed its logo, tagline, website, collateral, and imagery to emphasize the important role Team Hewins plays as guide and partner to each client’s financial life.

Martha Post, CFA®, Chief Operating Officer at Team Hewins, explained that the change comes at a time when financial security is more important than ever. “The past year has been challenging for many,” said Post. “We want to put clients at ease, helping them achieve their financial goals while having the time and freedom to focus on what matters most to them. Our new logo resembles a kite in the wind, representing that freedom from financial worry as well as the individuality of each of our clients.”

Smart Life Planning: An Integrated Approach

Team Hewins’ Smart Life Planning Process serves as the foundation to the firm’s integrated and personalized approach to financial planning. This process helps clients consider five “big-picture” categories that impact finances—cash flow, tax planning, investments, insurance planning, and estate plan review—along with all of the details.

Together, these pieces are represented in the new Team Hewins logo, with five complementary colors working in harmony to guide clients through major financial decisions such as planning for retirement or navigating a divorce.

Getting to Know Clients as People

Seen another way, the various colors of the new logo represent the individuality of each client, symbolizing the many facets of their unique lives.

“Every day, our advisors dedicate themselves to knowing our clients—not just their finances but as people,” said Post. “We listen to our clients, getting to know what’s important to them in life, like family, career, or independence. Our new brand is inspired by our clients as we see them, as individuals with hobbies, relationships, and aspirations.”

Imagery throughout the new website and collateral depicts clients enjoying their lives, representing the sense of freedom that comes with financial security.

Leading Coordinated Financial Teams

Team Hewins believes that clients shouldn’t have to worry about figuring out how all the pieces of their financial lives fit together.

“We lead coordinated financial teams that free up time and emotional bandwidth for our clients,” said Post. “We take a proactive role in reaching out to clients and to their existing support teams, such as CPAs and attorneys. Our new tagline, ‘Your Guide to Financial Wellbeing,’ conveys our commitment to this spirit of cooperation and leadership.”

Across the board, Team Hewins’ new brand outwardly shows what its financial advisors have long believed: that proactive financial leadership helps clients live better.

About Team Hewins

Team Hewins is an independent, fee-only financial planning and investment advisory firm with $2.7 billion in assets under management and advisement. Led by CEO Roger Hewins and a team of eight other Principals, Team Hewins offers clients proactive financial leadership, providing personalized financial planning and investment services.  Team Hewins is focused on easing financial stress for busy clients and providing forward-looking ideas and financial advice that empowers clients to make well-considered decisions.